edible mushrooms.

As early as Roman times, fungi were revered and popular not only in Europe but also consumed centuries ago in middle and South America. In fact in the ancient Egypt mushrooms were so important that it was reserved only for the pharaoh and people of the royal class. The fungi with royal taste, rich and exquisite taste. They were viewed as mysterious and special and were an important part of the old age rituals especially class called magic mushrooms which heightens the consciousness level of an individual altering the way he or she views and experiences things causing a difference in perception, mood, and behavior. This is popularly known as tripping. Mushrooms were first discovered in Paris by a melon grower in 1650 growing on his growth fertilizer.Upon his wonderful discovery, he decided to cultivate it commercially and introduced the exotic delicacy in Parisian restaurants.This prompted its “Parisian mushroom” nickname. Later on, with experience, he found out that the caves had just the right environment, cool and moist for the growth of mushrooms. That became the onset of large-scale growth of mushrooms around caves in Paris.As it stands today China is the leading producer of mushrooms fungi up to 70% of the total production. It is then followed by United States of America (USA).Evidently, they have many health and economic benefits.
Mushroom Fun Facts.
They contain Vitamin D: Mushrooms are really underestimated great food. For a fact they are the only food that produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. They even contribute to the bulk of the over the counter vitamin D supplements. Quite interesting, right?
They are nature’s natural pesticide: Nature has full arsenal of solution for every problem it encounters. The spores of mushrooms can repel over 200,000 species of insect, that’s a humongous pest problem solved with no harm to the environment or human. I think as humans we should rethink some of our solutions. The answer is always in nature.
Magic mushrooms also known as pschedellic mushrooms  are officially one of the safest non addictive drugs to use in the world. A study using nineteen commonly abused substances to examine their danger to the individual and impact to the community found out that mushrooms tied in last as far as actual danger goes.
Interestingly there is a peculiar mushroom that supposedly gives women instant orgasm. In Hawaii, there is a mysterious bright orange mushroom that triggers spontaneous orgasm in women. According to researchers the fetid odor has significant sexual excitement characteristics. The potent fetid semen smell was responsible for the orgasm. This suggests that the compound has some similarity to the human neurotransmitters involved during sex.
• Over 75 Mycenae mushrooms actually glow in the dark! These species of mushrooms are bioluminescent meaning they glow in the dark. In old days people used these to light their pathways in the forest. I know it’s cool!

Mushrooms boost brain communication: When taken the brain becomes hyperactivated resulting in a higher level of consciousness. Parts of brain that normally don’t communicate are now able to communicate with each other.
Mushrooms are more related to humans than plants. They comprise 89 to 95% water, like human skin, mushrooms can produce their own vitamin D and they have got their own immunity just like humans. Remember the antibiotic penicillin was derived from Penicillium fungal spores.

In Amazon forest, they help in triggering rain by releasing spores in the air creating a surface for water to condense. This is a cycle whereby they help in the formation of rain and the rain helps them to grow hence producing pores and the cycle continues.
Fungi compete for food against other organism using antibodies.
• The honey mushroom is the world’s largest living organism and is thought to be around 2,400 years old but again it can be as ancient as 8,650 years. The Oregon monster mushroom covers 2,200 acres of soil in Malheur National park, east of Oregon. It has grown from a tiny microscopic spore to a large orgasm during all those year, killing trees on its way. The giant mushroom stretches 5.6 kilometers across and goes 1 meter deep to the ground. It covers an area as big as 1,665 old Trafford football fields.

Psathyrella aquatic mushroom lives entirely submerged in water.

Those are some of the amazing facts of mushrooms; let’s look at their incredible health benefits.
Health Benefits of Mushrooms.

They have vitamin B and D.
Button and crimini mushrooms contain a high amount of the essential vitamin D.They have made it in the list of some few foods that are a good source of Vitamin D. Apart from vitamin D, crimini mushroom also contain key vitamin B12 which helps in converting food into fuel for our bodies, therefore providing us with energy. On the other hand, Vitamin D is important to our bodies in that help them to absorb essential calcium minerals needed for bone growth.

Mushroom has anticancer properties and effects.
In a 2010 study by journal experimental biology, five types of mushrooms were used; portabella, white button, oyster, shitake, and crimini.The study found out that they significantly suppressed breast cancer cells growth, suggesting that they may be chemoprotective against the lethal breast cancer.Lentinan may help extend the survival of patients with cancer when used together with chemotherapy and the sugar molecules come from shitake molecules. It works by boosting the immune system which in turn slows down the growth of tumors. In laboratory tests, lentinan kills microbes and viruses directly. In addition, mushrooms are a good source of CLS which prevents breast cancer by inhibiting production of aromatase.Aromates is associated with the production of estrogen. Lastly, magic mushrooms greatly help cancer patients by increasing their optimism in Life, mystical and spiritual experience and a strong connection with people. This is good for coping skills.
Mushrooms have immune boosters.
Lentinan found in mushrooms helps to boost your immune system. Helping lentinan is a beta-glucan, a sugar in the cells of fungi and other plants.
Mushrooms aid in lowering cholesterol level.
Cholesterol level is a thorn in the flesh of today’s generation because it is associated with some of the planet’s most deadly diseases and conditions like heart diseases. Including mushrooms in your diet is doing your body a great favor as it is good for lowering your cholesterol level. Not only is mushroom cholesterol free, but also contain vital elements like beta glucan and chitin which are fibers that lower cholesterol level. A 2012 study discovered that pink oyster mushroom reduced total cholesterol level and LDL in hypercholesterolemic rats. According to Josh Axe, D.N.M, a nutritionist writes that mushrooms contain potent phytonutrients that keep the cells from sticking to the blood vessels walls and forming plaque buildup which maintains healthy blood pressure and improves circulation.
Mushrooms have anti-aging and inflammatory superpower.
Have you ever watched a movie, Tuck everlasting, about a girl who falls in love with a boy named Jessie Tuck who can’t age because his Tuck family drinks from a fountain of apparently everlasting youth? Time reaches when she has to make a decision whether to remain a youth forever or not.Huh! A pretty tough decision for a 15-year-old child, right? Anyway, mushrooms have a high amount of two antioxidants, ergothioneine, and glutathione which have anti-aging properties.They are a high dietary source of the antioxidants when taken together, while at the same time there are specific types with high amounts of both of them. Nonetheless, the amount varies in different species. Again ergothioneine has powerful anti-inflammatory properties; it lowers inflammations throughout the body. Specifically Irish mushrooms have rather potent anti-inflammatory properties, In fact, they have got multiple health benefits like boosting the immunity, reduce tumor growth, lower inflammation and suppress allergic response.
Cooked or raw?

The next question you might ask yourself, whether it is good to take mushrooms cooked or raw. Well, it is highly recommended to first cook the mushroom before you taste it. This is because; first mushroom cell walls are tough, giving digestive system hard time getting all the good nutrients inside them. Secondly, they also contain anti digestive elements and toxins that interfere with nutrients absorption and digestion. Proper cooking weakens and breaks down the tough cell walls and inactivates the anti digestive elements and toxins. Which is the best way to cook them? The healthiest way of cooking mushroom is either to grill or microwave.
My advice is that you better start including the edible mushroom in your diet and get the health benefits while at the same time having a meal of your lifetime. They are a blessing from Mother Nature.


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