• It is not only women who suffer from yeast infection, men are also silent victims. Men suffer from what we call penile yeast infection which in most cases affects uncircumcised men, where it is found on the skin around the penis. Nonetheless circumcised men can also be affected but it is on very rare occasions, this because their penis glands is always exposed to air which ensures that it is cool and dry. The conditions are unfavorable for yeast growth which needs moisture and heat to survive. Again there are cases when men get symptoms close to women vaginal yeast infection but it only happens when the yeast infection goes into the urethra .In addition, on very rare cases yeast infection can get into the prostate glands. When it gets into the advanced stages it gets very difficult to treat and an erection becomes extremely painful. The pain is caused by the hardened skin as cells macrophage as a defense action against the infection, which cracks when the male gets an erection.
  • It is important not to confuse other conditions like Fordyce disease (little white bumps on the skin) or papillary’s genitals, both which are harmless sebaceous glands on penis. Morever, genital warts is also commonly mistaken for yeast infection.
  • Onset of yeast infection in a man can be brought about by Sex with a woman who has a vaginal yeast infection which is the most common cause. Also Diabetes and antibiotics can contribute to yeast.


  1. Whitish discharge; A thick, white and clumsy discharge is always noticed from tip of the penis
  2. Itching: Basically men who have penile yeast infection experience itching sensation on allover their penis and pain during urination.Apart from that the whole penis is extremely painful with glands experiencing more severe pain.
  3. Unpleasant sensation: A tingling and very uncomfortable sensation restricted at the tip of the penis is usually experienced which can cause sleep disturbance.
  4. Cracked dry skin: This causes very painful erection and the areas of the penis may appear rough and dry which have red blisters and patches.


Never let it reach a point where it becomes anti fungal. In its early stages it is very easy to treat. Some of the treatment options can be ,upon seeing a doctor is diflucan pill or diflucan cream or  Monistat 7 that women usually buy as an over the counter drugs and use for vaginal yeast infection. However it doesn’t work for everybody and sometimes it appears to have disappeared only to resurface later.

There are also some natural antifungal medicines for the penile yeast infection which can include:

  1. Organic coconut oil:

It is a medically proven medicine for penile yeast infection. The lauric acid contain in the coconut oil  forms monolaurin in the human or animal body which is  an antiviral, antiprotozoan, antibacterial and antifungal medium chain fatty acid monoglyceride. It has proven to triumph with super bugs. Next time you go shopping don’t forget to buy one, it has many other benefits apart from dealing with penile yeast infection. For example it is really good for a beautiful attractive skin.

2. Cinnamon oil:

Cinnamon oil has proven countless times its effectiveness against oral thrush. If it can treat oral thrush then it can be applied directly on penile yeast infection. Most people think of the oil as an ingredient for Italian cuisine but originally it was used for therapeutic purposes.

3. Potassium sorbate:

Is used in wine making business to stop yeast growth. This is the reason why it a very effective home remedy for penile candidas.

4. Oregon Oil:

This is one of most sourt out essential oil used in treating yeast infection because the infection is less likely to develop resistance against it. This works by killing yeast infection overgrowth as it is antibacterial. anti fungal and antiviral. It is even speculated that it has some anticancer potency.

  • Apart from all those treatment options diet is also very important. As you know yeast thrives on sugar and doctors usually advice to avoid sugary foods like cakes, pastries, juices and candy. Also increasing the population of good bacteria in the body is good way of fighting yeast infection, hence one can take food s rich in these bacteria like yoghurt. Men who have yeast infection are always advice to sleep without panties, so that the infected part stays cool and dry. As aforementioned yeast infection grows in warm and moist conditions. Foods like pumpkin, raw cabbage, almond and black berries are good for combating penile yeast infection.


Whenever you notice any of the above symptoms please consult your doctor for further examination and appropriate treatment.



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